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About Us


we believe that incredible food brings people together

We seek out the freshest local ingredients. We only serve food that we would want our closest family and friends to eat. We hope to bring the Farmington Valley community together in a unique environment that is deeply rooted in history. 



simple ingredients, complex process

Our bagels are made entirely on-site, every day. We start with the highest quality Vermont-milled flour and fresh yeast. We then add water to the mix. After the dough is made in the wee hours of the morning by our committed bakers, it is then formed by our state-of-the-art machinery. This ensures that each bagel is approximately 4 oz in weight.


Finally, a layer of liquid malt is applied to the bagels. This is what gives your bagel its golden, chewy skin. The bagels are then cooked in small batches using a proprietary process to ensure that the inside remains airy and fluffy. 



connected to the growth of  the Farmington Valley

Although formally built in 1806, the history of "the blue house"  technically dates to the latter 1700s. It was then that the original two-story portion of the building was constructed as a single-family home along the Albany Turnpike by Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Lincoln and Lucia Case. This was shortly following the establishment of such as a travel way from Connecticut’s capital in Hartford, Connecticut to New York’s capital in Albany, New  York. The home continued to be utilized residentially in this capacity until the 1940s when the structure was expanded via an open-story rear addition to its current size and configuration.


It continued to be utilized residentially until the 1970s.  
In the 1960s, the Route 44 corridor began to take on greater importance from a  commercial perspective. This occurred concurrently with the development of Interstate-84 and the expansion of highway systems throughout Connecticut. The first floor was converted into an office and the upper floor into an apartment. This continued to be the use of the building until the 1980s when the second floor was converted to an alternate office and the front entrance was reconfigured to allow for two tenant occupancy. Most recently, following the purchase of the property by the previous owners circa 2011, the property’s function was changed with the intent of the first floor being an antique store and the upper floor being ancillary rooms for that antique store.


After The Blue House Bagel Co. & Cafe purchased the property in September 2021, the entire interior was gutted to the studs. This included the entire first and second floors, as well as the basement. In addition, major exterior changes to the parking lot layout and landscaping were made. 

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